Market to Table


Market to Table is a special series of appointments created by Rachel Roddy, Carla Tomasi and Alice Adams for visitors to Rome.  The idea is to start at the market, mostly Testaccio, Rachel’s local, where we will fill bags and baskets with the best of the season.  We then walk back across the river to Trastevere and up to latteria studio, where Carla awaits – with more produce from her garden in Ostia.


Making fresh pasta is much of the day, as well as trimming, cutting and prepping the vegetables and other morsels that will make up part of a very convivial shared lunch.

The next two market to table appointments are: on Friday 23 September click here to book, and Friday 21 October click here to book. Cost is 100 euro per person.  Please email me on for more info.

Thank you to Lucy from Olives and Lucinda for the photos, if you want to read her account of the very first Market to Table you can here.