natural cheesemaking with David Asher, friday 4 november

This comprehensive course begins with a session on dairy fermentation, covering Kefir, Yogurt and Cultured Butter.  In the afternoon we will look at rennet cheeses, preparing a lactic fermented cheese and a rennet cheese that can then be transformed into a washed rind cheese.  The class will end by making a batch of ricotta from the whey.


This course will allow students to see many cheeses through the beginning stages of their evolution, and provides insight into how all styles of cheeses evolve from the very same milk.

David Asher is an organic farmer, farmstead cheese maker and cheese
educator based on the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. A guerrilla
cheesemaker, David does not make cheese according to standard industrial
philosophies – he explores traditionally cultured, non-corporate methods of
David offers cheese outreach to communities near and far with the Black
Sheep School of Cheesemaking.  Through workshops in partnership with food-sovereignty-minded organizations, he shares his distinct cheesemaking style.
His workshops teach a cheesemaking method that is natural, DIY, and 
well suited to
the home kitchen or artisanal production. He is the author of The Art of Natural Cheesemaking.
Cost is 80 euro per person for the full day course.  Start time is 9am and lunch is included. Please email Alida Borgna on to reserve a place.

Dumplings and Co. – Vietnamese favourites, Thur 24 Nov & Fri 2 Dec


South east asian food, particularly Vietnamese, makes up a big part of my culinary baggage and I love sharing these flavours with Rome dwellers.  This is a hands on workshop and dinner heady with ginger and garlic, limes, chili and lemongrass. We will prepare pork and lemongrass dumplings, san choi bao, and a classic dumpling soup and lots of asian winter greens.   We’ll talk about where san choi bao actually comes from, and how recipes are transformed as they travel.

After the hands on preparation around the workbench we will enjoy the meal we have created with a glass of wine.


Cost 50 euro per person, click to book (with a 20 euro deposit) for the 24th of November or the 2nd of December.

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