Join Australian food writer, photographer and storyteller Emiko Davies for a very special Autumn cooking class and three course lunch.  Seasonal and regional, the menu will be a very autumnal selection from Emiko’s Florentine: the true cuisine of Florence. The menu includes hand made pappardelle con sugo di anatra, a beef stew that was that was once cooked in the same kilns as the tiles of the dome that tops Florence’s duomo and a classic Tuscan torta di mele.


Photo: Lenny Pellico

Cost is 100 euro (140 AUD) per person.  To book click here.


Photo: Emiko Davies


One thought on “an autumn florentine class and lunch with Emiko Davies, Saturday 19 november

  1. Event is on Saturday 19 November and unfortunately I am planning to be busy with lunch preparations of my own. Please give all my best to Emiko (I road-tested her ribollita).


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