Pastry Basics 1. Pies from the Anglo-Australian tradition, Thursday 16 February

February 16 from 7pm till 10pm

A nice piece of home made pastry wraps the simplest food and makes it a meal.

Pies have a serious history – and much has been written about them – because enclosing meat, vegetables and fruit in a wheat based casing was not only a nifty way of cooking but a versatile way of eating.  The Cornish invented their infamous pasties by wrapping the meat and vegetable filling into a shape that could be easily held by tin miners on their lunch break, and the meat pie was modified over time to become the best of foods for a football stadium.


Making pastry is an art, but a simple one that once mastered promises hours of baking pleasure.   Join Alice Adams for this evening class which will cover the basics of sweet and savoury shortcrust pastry, rough puff and brisee pastry.  We will talk about butter, lard and other shortenings, as well as the different varieties of flour suitable for each pastry.  Together we will make a selection of savoury pies with a choice of meat and vegetable fillings, super Australian sausage rolls as well a classic sweet apple pie to finish.


The lesson includes dinner with wine.  Cost is 55 euro per person and bookings can be made by clicking here where you will pay a 20 euro deposit.

Like the idea of this class but not the date – get your own group together and pick your own day and time frame.  Contact Alice –

Thank you Silvia Pozzati e Lorenzo Poli for the photos.