Pastry Basics 2. Tarts e Tarte – sweet and savoury tarts from the French & Italian files, Thursday 23 February

Thursday 23 February 2017, from 7pm

There is no one recipe for an Italian crostata – jam or fruit tart – that can be considered definative.  Everyone’s favourite is doubtless one from the family, and every family is sure to have one great maker of crostate; whether they make them with a cherry or apricot jam, with a pastry with a little bit more butter or perhaps none at all, with or without eggs, or perhaps even with the addition of a little baking powder.


Making pastry is an art, but a simple one that once mastered promises hours of baking pleasure.   Join Alice Adams for this evening class which will cover the basics of various kinds of pastry; sablé, sweet shortcrust, brisee and basic puff.  We will talk about shortenings, sugar and flour types and the benefits of blind baking.  We will bake an Italian style fruit crostata, a classic tarte tatin, beautiful individual lemon tarts and a rustic vegetable tart for dinner.

The lesson includes a tarty dinner with wine.  Cost is 55 euro per person and bookings can be made by clicking here where you will pay a 20 euro deposit.


Like the idea of this class but not the date – get your own group together and pick your own day and time frame.  Contact Alice –

Thank you Silvia Pozzati  and Marie Sjoberg for the photos.

One thought on “Pastry Basics 2. Tarts e Tarte – sweet and savoury tarts from the French & Italian files, Thursday 23 February

  1. It's still a little warm in Toronto for a creamy soup, but as soon as it gets cold enough, I know I'll be trying this. I shall google the Pumpkin to find sutbuitstions in case I can't find that type. I love the addition of coconut, Angie, just lovely.On another note, I've been using the Spelt flour a lot and am loving it, thanks for the introduction and inspiration.


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