Torte & Tarte: a pastry workshop with Vanessa Miles and Alice Adams

Friday 15 June, a day workshop with lunch, from 10 am

Beautiful home made pastry can transform the simplest ingredients into a feast, fill the picnic basket, and take care of entertaining a crowd. Too often store bought pastry is billed as the the simple solution, when making the real thing takes less than a walk to the shops.  

This all day workshop with Vanessa ‘the hungry chook’ Miles and Alice Adams will focus on three types of pastry: all butter puff, olive oil pastry lovely for mediterranean tarts, and a beautiful almond shortcrust for fruit crostate.  We will talk flour types, choosing the right ‘fat’ and how to best use your food processor or stand mixer.

We’ll use the best of the spring summer season to fill what we bake, and enjoy it all with a convivial lunch including fresh spring salads and local wines. For more info you can write to: or

Class size is limited to 6 people, and participants will go home with recipes and cooking notes, as well as samples of what we bake. Click here to book a place.


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