Market to Table 2020 dates

Market to Table is a special series of appointments created by Rachel Roddy, Carla Tomasi and Alice Adams for visitors to Rome.
The idea is to start at the market, mostly Testaccio, Rachel’s local, where we fill bags and baskets with the best of the season.
We then walk back across the river to Trastevere and up to the latteria studio kitchen where Carla (or Alice) awaits – with more produce from her garden in Ostia.

2020 Calendar

Friday 24 January  SOLD OUT

Saturday 15 February – ARTICHOKE special – To book, email Carla at

Friday 21 February

Saturday 29 February – CITRUS special – To book, email Carla at

Friday 6 March

Saturday 14 March – ARTICHOKE special – To book, email Carla at

Friday 3 April

Saturday 18 April – ARTICHOKE special – To book, email Carla at

Friday 24 April . SOLD OUT

Friday 8 May . SOLD OUT

Friday 29 May

Friday 5 June

Fiday 12 June

Friday 19 June

Friday 3 July . SOLD OUT

Friday 4 September

Friday 18 September

Friday 9 October

Friday 23 October

Friday 6 November

Friday 20 November

Friday 18 December


You can book a place by using the link to Eventbrite which will be active for appointments 3 months out from each of the dates.
There will be an active link to dates available to book.
There are always two of the three cooks leading the class.

Carla and Alice also do private cooking classes at Latteria Studio, you can email us on or for more info.

Thank you to Carola Ploechinger for the photographic reportage.

Click on the links to read the lovely accounts of the Market to Table experience by Vanessa from Olives and Lucinda, Natalie from An American in Rome , Emiko Davies, Rosana McPhee and Paola Bacchia from Italy on My Mind.

For ideas on where to stay here click here.