Cooking the ‘Costa Amalfitana’ with Ursula Ferrigno

Italian born and UK basked chef, writer and cooking teacher Ursula Ferrigno is on her way to Rome.  Join her for a day inspired by her home town Minori on the Amalfi coast, where jagged cliffs rise boldly from the shimmering azure waters and clusters of white and ochre buildings and church towers climb up to the mountains and cascade down to the sea.   Lush terraces of lemon groves, olive trees flourishing high on the cliffs among cherry, fig and tomato vines.
This class will be all about the joys of my village secrets and the wonders of the Campania coastline.
We will gather around the  work table at latteria studio to prepare
Laganelle con calamari e ceci   Pasta with squid and chickpeas
Pesce Serra ai fiori di zucca  Fish wrapped in courgette blossoms.
Insalata di fagiolini Romano   Flat Romano bean salad with mint
Pizza rustica  Savoury ricotta pie with mozzarella, ricotta and capocollo
Torta caprese   Almond cake with fresh seasonal cherries
Like all of the classes at latteria this class will be a small group of 6 participants and the class will end with a convivial lunch enjoying what we have prepared.
Contact Ursula at to find out more and to book a spot.

Sourdough Class with Jeremy Cherfas – Sunday April 5

Join master baker and sourdough nut Jeremy Cherfas for an all day baking workshop.
This is first and foremost a practical, hands-on day. However, you will use the time while the starter is working its magic to explore the history of wheat and bread and the details of how to care for and use a starter culture.

About the class:

The first order of business is to make your dough. Step by step, Jeremy will guide you through the process, along the way explaining why we do what we do.
If you have never made a loaf before you will be amazed at how a little effort transforms four simple ingredients into a living dough.
And even if you are an experienced baker, there are bound to be new insights.

And as it is the weekend before Easter, you’ll make some hot cross buns too, and maybe talk about the ritual significance of bread in different cultures.

You will leave with your own delicious loaf of handmade bread, plus:

  • a “Tuscan” sourdough starter that may or may not be more than 110 years old;
  • instructions on how to feed and care for your starter and how to use it to bake more bread;
  • an understanding of why Jeremy puts “Tuscan” in scare quotes;
  • a few other recipes;
  • maybe some other treats.

And you will have a great day, with good food, in good company!

For more details on prices and to book yourself a spot, please visit the link below:


Vegan Pasta and Sauces Day with Carla Tomasi – Saturday 29th February

Saturday 29 February join us for this Vegan Pasta and Sauces Day.
This will be a chance to expand your knowledge on vegan options and you’ll see how many easy and yummy dishes you can find in italian cuisine.

The menu for the day includes Cavatelli, Malloreddus, Maccheroni al ferretto, Orecchiette, Trofie, Pici and sauces made with the best of seasonal ingredients.

If you’d like to reserve a spot please email Carla at

Pasta Classes with Carla Tomasi to Start the Year Fresh – 12 & 18 January

Start this 2020 with two beautiful pasta classes by Carla Tomasi!

Sunday January 12 Join us for International Pasta Machine Day.
This will be a chance to learn how to make pasta, but also a way of spending a different kind of Sunday, in beautiful Rome with other people who share your same delicious interest.

Imagine this as a free style pasta making day, there will be egg pasta, flour and water pasta, gnocchi etc.
You will be sharing the preparation but also a wonderful lunch of artichoke lasagna, tagliatelle al sugo di salsiccia, pasta con Romanesco and plenty more (menu could change depending on Carla’s preference).

If you wish to only join us for lunch, please email Carla at and she’ll give you all the details.

It’s going to be a great International Social Pasta Day!


Saturday 18 January Join us for this Vegan Pasta and Sauces Day.
This will be a chance to expand your knowledge on vegan options and you’ll see how many easy and yummy dishes you can find in italian cuisine.

The menu for the day includes Cavatelli, Malloreddus, Maccheroni al ferretto, Orecchiette, Trofie, Pici and sauces made with the best of seasonal ingredients.

If you’d like to reserve a spot please email Carla at

Pop-up Christmas Kitchen – Sunday 15 December

Come along on Sunday the 15th for a cup of tea, mince pie, slice of Carla’s famous Christmas cake and to buy the best stocking fillers – those you can eat!

And you’ll also find beautiful sustainable products from Elisabetta’s plastic free shop: Weenooplaa

So come say hello!

Starts at 10am through to 5 pm.

Email us to place orders:

And come and support the Neighborhood Oranges project which helps give experience and work to two young Nigerian girls.  This year there will be plum and bitter orange marmalade for sale as well as some quince paste.  Get in contact if you want to order as gifts.

Some of the items available for pre-order:

Neighborhood Oranges Marmellate Solidale: Small 3.50, large 4.50, 50c off each jar when you buy more than 4 jars.  Bitter Orange, Plum and limited Apricot and Quince paste.

Mince Pies in gift box. 10 euro for 12 deluxe mini mince pies

Gingerbread – gift bag with 10 pieces: 6 euro    – gift bag with 6 pieces for the tree: 6 euro

Cavallucci di Siena – gift bag with 10 pieces: 6 euro

Traditional shortbread – gift box with 10 pieces: 6 euro

See you on sunday!



Market to Table 2020 dates

Market to Table is a special series of appointments created by Rachel Roddy, Carla Tomasi and Alice Adams for visitors to Rome.
The idea is to start at the market, mostly Testaccio, Rachel’s local, where we fill bags and baskets with the best of the season.
We then walk back across the river to Trastevere and up to the latteria studio kitchen where Carla (or Alice) awaits – with more produce from her garden in Ostia.

2020 Calendar

Friday 24 January  SOLD OUT

Saturday 15 February – ARTICHOKE special – To book, email Carla at

Friday 21 February

Saturday 29 February – CITRUS special – To book, email Carla at

Friday 6 March

Saturday 14 March – ARTICHOKE special – To book, email Carla at

Friday 3 April

Saturday 18 April – ARTICHOKE special – To book, email Carla at

Friday 24 April . SOLD OUT

Friday 8 May . SOLD OUT

Friday 29 May

Friday 5 June

Fiday 12 June

Friday 19 June

Friday 3 July . SOLD OUT

Friday 4 September

Friday 18 September

Friday 9 October

Friday 23 October

Friday 6 November

Friday 20 November

Friday 18 December


You can book a place by using the link to Eventbrite which will be active for appointments 3 months out from each of the dates.
There will be an active link to dates available to book.
There are always two of the three cooks leading the class.

Carla and Alice also do private cooking classes at Latteria Studio, you can email us on or for more info.

Thank you to Carola Ploechinger for the photographic reportage.

Click on the links to read the lovely accounts of the Market to Table experience by Vanessa from Olives and Lucinda, Natalie from An American in Rome , Emiko Davies, Rosana McPhee and Paola Bacchia from Italy on My Mind.

For ideas on where to stay here click here.


Persian Cooking Class with Saghar Setareh, Christmas Edition, 7 & 8 December

Join Persian Food Blogger and Photographer Saghar Setareh on saturday 7th & sunday 8th December in her Persian Cooking Class, the perfect celebration of this festive season.

These are the only two dates for 2019/2020 in Rome and there’s only a few spots left, given the popularity of Saghar’s classes. Grab your reservation fast!

In this Christmas edition you will be working with cinnamon, cardamom, roses, pomegranates and plenty of dried fruit, while Saghar will be sharing all about her latest trip to Iran.
You’ll learn more about the ancient Festival of Yalda, a wonderful celebration of the winter solstice.

So book your spot for a very special culinary and cultural experience!

Pick a date between saturday December 7th or sunday December 8th

Classes start at 10 AM

Latteria Studio in Via di Ponziano 29, 00152, Rome


To book a place and forfurther info please contact

Bookings available until all spots are filled.

To start:
Cheese and wild herbs, the Persian way

Main dishes:

Persian pilaf with lentils and caramelized onions, served with fried eggs and dates

Jeweled rice with pistachios, almonds and orange zest, served with saffron golden chicken

Side dish:
Mint and pomegranate salad

Persian love cake with roses, served with cardamom tea

Learn to bake SOURDOUGH bread with Jeremy Cherfas – Sunday November 17

Join master baker and sourdough nut Jeremy Cherfas for an all day baking workshop.

Along with taking participants through the basics of baking bread with a natural leaven, everyone in this all day class will take home a piece of starter with which to continue their sourdough journey.  And not just any starter!  Jeremy has a much loved Tuscan starter – that he has fed and baked with for over ten years – that is over a hundred years old.  Is there anything particularly Tuscan about it?  Perhaps not, but it is ready to make delicious, flavorful and nutritious bread.

Jeremy will pass on the knowledge surrounding keeping, and using your new (old) starter to make sourdough bread of various types.
There will be a fresh lunch of seasonal produce with wine and detailed notes to take home along with the starter.

Email Jeremy on for more info.

Dumplings are back! Thursday 26 September

Vanessa Miles, the Australian cook, photographer and teacher known as ‘the hungry chook’, is back at latteria studio for the fourth year in a row.  In this hands on class Vanessa will have you rolling and filling delicious pork and mushroom dumplings, and share the tricks to grilling them ‘potsticker’ style. This is a simple evening class which finishes with dinner around latteria studio’s long table, with seasonal Asian vegetable dishes and wine.

To book a place – class size is limited to eight – click here.

For more info email:



Photos by Vanessa Miles and Vanessa Arena.