photography workshops with Saghar Setareh from @labnoon

The warm Roman sun bounces of the ancient walls and beams into the studio.  Vintage plates and old linens line the shelves, a coffee pot splutters on the stove ready to rouse the group and fresh baked maritozzi cool on the workbench.

This is a typical start to a food photography workshop at latteria studio.  This past year photographer and visual storyteller Saghar Setareh has held numerous group and private workshops at latteria studio, bringing together photographic skills, styling and propping and the basics of postproduction together to help beginner photographers, aspiring bloggers and those already with a good skill set to improve their use of light and techniques like chiaroscuro in food photography.  Together with Alice who acts as cook and creator of good things to shoot and fine things to eat (not necessarily in that order), the studio become an inspiring and welcoming place to learn.

Saghar also has a unique reportage style while out of the studio, in Rome’s markets and trattorias and this side of visual storytelling can also be included in multi day workshops.

Learn how to create mood and magic at Saghar’s Chiaroscuro workshop at the Ex-Lavatoio creative space in Rome, or contact either of us direct to ask about private and small group learning experiences.


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