neighborhood oranges & the ‘marmellate solidale’ project

Calling all lovers of bitter orange marmalade!

For the last two years latteria studio has helped two young Nigerian men trying to make a new life in Italy gain practical work experience and earn some extra money in a dignified and valuable way.  The fact that this tiny social enterprise is still going is thanks to the group of people who continue  to support the project by buying the marmalade.  This year we have two young girls on the project because James has found a job and Ruben is studying.

Over winter we make orange marmalade using the seville oranges that grow in parks, gardens, and on the streets of Rome.  The association Frutta Urbana has run chemical tests on the urban oranges of Rome, and because of the oranges natural defence systems the fruit can be be classified as organic because it remains unaffected by air and soil polution.  Having access to this amazing fruit – seville oranges are difficult to buy at the market – means the guys can produce this hugely labour intensive marmalade for a good price, and earn some much needed money.

Jars sell for 4.50 for a large jar, and 3.50 for a small (4 and 3 for orders over 10). Ruben and James earn all of the sales price after the cost of bottles and sugar.  The marmalade contains some pectin and is made with white (Italian) sugar at 50% of the weight of the fruit.  It keeps well unopened for up to a year.

During the rest of the year we produce apricot and plum jam, which sell for 4 euro large and 3 euro small.  Please email to order.

The illustrations for the labels were done by Haley Polinski.





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