we are

Alice  Kiandra Adams
Cook, teacher and food stylist.  Compulsive collector, creator of projects, maker of aprons, Australian and adopted Italian.  Owner and creator of latteria studio.  Food styling website, and blog which is a collection of recipes, itineraries and more.

Marie Sjoberg
Food photographer working between Barcelona and Rome.

Emanuela Rota Set designer and prop stylist based in Rome and working in Italy and beyond.  Website.

Giorgia Nofrini
Young Umbrian photographer based between Rome and Castiglione del Lago.

Vanessa Arena
Australian food stylist and photographer based between Rome, London and Doha. You can find her on Olives and Lucinda.

3 thoughts on “we are

  1. Hello, we are producers of “Cesanese del Piglio” and ” Passerina del Frusinate” in our family owned estate . we are exporting our wines in Australia from several years, it will be a pleasure to meet you the next June 5th and taste together our white wines.
    See you


    1. Hello Marina, We are so pleased that you are able to participate in our opening event this Friday 5th, thank you. I’m looking forward to meeting you and tasting your wines. Let’s create some ‘promotional’ occasions at the party with Instagram and Facebook, as you know I am Australian and so there might be some good opportunities to publicize our activities together.
      A venerdì, Alice


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