a food photography studio in Rome

Latteria Studio is a food photography and multifunctional kitchen space in Rome, where the old villas of Monteverde tumble down into Trastevere.  The space was created in 2005 by food photographer Marie Sjoberg and food stylist Alice Adams as a working studio kitchen, it is also home to everything that goes with food photography; a collection of Italian ceramics old and new, flea market finds, interesting utensils from across the globe and the right piece of cutlery for every occasion.

In little over a year it has become a studio space used by food creatives including Sabrina Rossi, Vanessa Arena, Saghar Setareh, Giorgia Nofrini and Haley Polinsky.

Food is nature and food photography loves natural light.  The studio has three large windows which provide natural light to play with right through the day.  The kitchen was designed along the lines of a classic cucina della nonna or grandmother’s kitchen; ceramic sink, marble bench tops and simple draining racks and shelving.



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